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To Fly or To Fry: Site Reviews from the Sadistic Pair
Rules for Submission


Below lies the sacred rules of submission. These guidelines must be read and understood before continuing on your quest to have your site reviewed. We have compiled these rules to the best of our ability and wit and may change them if necessary. We must emphasize that these rules must be read before continuing with submission.

Thank you,
The Sadistic Pair

And so they begin *drum role*

1. You must read these....they are IMPORTANT!

2. Anime Sites ONLY

3. You can't flame us...but we can flame you!

4. We MUST have your E-Mail addy.

5. We MUST have your site URL.

6. Dillandau IS ALL OURS!!!!

7. This is just done out of fun...don't get your feelings hurt.

8. We can change these rules any time we want to.

9. The review rating is based on a five star system....five being the best and one being the worst.